Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fail guild, fail PUG.

I had the pleasure of running with a group of apparently 12 year old boys today. H CoS with a group from the guild "Paste Eaters" from Arthas. I should have known by the guild name that I'd be dealing with retards. So, to deathspartan, lajon, beztroski and gimped....F you (to put it nicely).
Uneventful run. Everyone doing their part. Nobody under 2500 dps. Get to the infinite corruptor. Plenty of time. He goes down. Drake comes up. Myself and one other roll need. I win. He "sighs" and one of his fellow retards says he should have mentioned something and they all would have rolled on it to improve his chances. One second later, on the way to malganis, I am kicked. Apparently that is my punishment for winning a random roll. Very cool. TYVM guys. So I don't get my final badge nor do I get my 2 frost badges. Very cool. Again....paste eaters from guys are wankers. Ah well....the local school's special ed. program called and they're missing some kids.....time to queue up again.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


So today's post is not WoW related but couldn't be passed up. I had a patient yesterday who after his physical asked me in a very concerned voice if he could ask me a question before he left. I said no problem and in an embarrased but very serious voice he told me that he was very concerned because as he was gaining weight and his abdomen getting larger, his "manhood" was simultaneously getting shorter. Oh really? I did not laugh. I did not snicker. I didn't even crack a smile. I looked at him and told him that it wasn't that he was getting shorter, its that he was getting to speak. That being said, I also had an office staff member who very honestly told everyone that when she was pregnant, she could tell which poops were hers and which poops were the baby' the size. ??? As if that wasn't enough, when I was in college working at Kinko's, I had a lady ask me to copy her resume on some nice paper. She then handed it to me and asked me to fax it to the number she had written on the cover sheet. I did. Handed her back her resume, cover sheet and confirmation sheet. In a very nasty, pissy voice she then started asking me why I didn't fax her resume. When I told her it had been faxed, she looked at me with the bitchiest, most know-it-all face and said "if you faxed it...why am I still holding it in my hand?!?!" It seriously took insane amounts of self control to explain to her that a fax machine doesnt transport the actual document magically to it's new location without making her look and feel like a complete idiot. And we wonder why there are 80's in blues and purples doing 600dps.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Healer Hissy Fit.

Yes...yes....I had one. It had to happen eventually. So far everyone has been great. Helpful, cooperative, understanding. So yeah, it had to happen. Zone into nexus, lock with a 13000 gearscore (slightly exaggerated) starts telling dk tank to pull everything, multiple groups. I ask them not to do that. Dk decides 7 mobs should be a manageable number. Of course our neighborhood lock who does 3k dps just passing gas takes all aggro and immediately dies. I heal through the rest. Nobody says anything to me but lock asks tank "what tank? You know how to play?" I rez lock, throw one LHW before I'm out o' mana, and start drinking. Tanks response to the lock is to decide to charge that damn dwarf general/sergeant/captain whathisshortness. I have about enough mana to cast one or two LHW's. Instead, I decide to drop group. I know...I wasn't cool. I really love the vision of them all going bye bye!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Awesome WoW day!

So I had an awesome WoW day. Got home from work. Had a beer. Made some dinner for my little monsters. Got them off to bed. Relaxed with the wife....and the minute she fell asleep it was off to Well maybe not the minute.....I did make sure she was completely asleep. So I started by checking my bank alt, and found my 2 enchants had sold...1k gold....good for me cuz I suck at making gold! Logged on to my spriest for my 2 frosts, got oculus...yuck! Nobody dropped! Done it a few times so it wasn't nearly as painful. Finished fast! Decided to queue for one more and got....yes, CoS! Why do I get that all the time! Once finished I logged onto my shammy. Switched to resto, healed VH, then healed nexus. Both good runs. I'm getting my healing down now and feeling more confident. Still have a ways to go but I think I may be ready to try and random it. hey, I can always drop if its an instance I don't feel okay about! So after that I switched back to ele for my 2 frosts and got? OCULUS!!!! Yep, it's true. Now I pretty well know the instance, not a problem. Got my extra extra badges, plus....(insert drum roll here) the reins of the blue drake! Very cool. Now I just need to pay for epic All in all a great day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Trade" chat...????

I may be a few months behind here, but that's just how Battlegroup Ruin is. What the hell is up with trade chat? It really used to be about trade. "wtb"..."wts"....and so on. It seems it started with people lfg or lfm for dailies. I remember in the beginning others would tell those lfg to use the lfg channel. But slowly it became the norm. Now that has changed trade chat to "whatever is on my mind" chat. I have silenced trade chat on all my toons. It's worse than Barren's chat! I am amazed on a daily basis how stupid, racist, and ignorant (and I realize some are trolls...some) some people are. Did this shift occur on other servers as well? It would be my assumption that trends occur on all servers generally, but I'm not sure. Does trade chat drive you crazy? Have you silenced it?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Healing. Love it and hate it. Seems like most healers really love it. I really do enjoy it, particularly when it goes well. I am still very new. I have barely healed on my priest yet. I'm grabbing gear now. Truthfully I am adequately geared for healing now, but I'd prefer to wait for better gear. I have a decent set for my shammy and have healed AN, VH, Nex and CoS. Had one wipe on CoS when tank ran too far ahead. Shammy healing is a little tougher since i only have one instant (unless you count ES). Priest healing seems like it will be easier since you're so mobile and you have several instants. I suppose as a shammy I could just spam chain (and I have done that during boss fight to be honest), but it doesn't seem as fun. Right now I am mostly riptide and lhw (and am glyphed for that). Seems like the best way to go for 5 mans. The hitch is that I feel so nervous when I heal. I haven't gone random yet because I'm afraid I'll get an instance I can't handle. As a healer in real life, I hate disappointing my patients! Same goes for WoW. How do you get over that feeling? Strange. A game where I don't even know anyone, nor will I likely run with them again.....but it makes me nervous.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday wow haiku (aka couldnt think of anything else...)

Lava burst erupts.

Upon my enemy's face.

My cow has killed you.

Anyway....a good wow weekend. Got the healing chest piece from the triumph badge vendor at the argent tournament grounds. Had about 6 enhancement pieces from various instances so I decided to respec on a whim just to check it out. Halfass gearing, not hit capped, 4 spellpower pieces (trinkets, head, one ring) and I still did 2500 dps on the dummy. I suppose if I truly wanted to boost my dps I'd go enhance. The truth is I have 2 other melee toons and I kind of enjoy being able to stand back and fry stuff. I can do 3900dps on the dummy with my current gear which I'm working on improving. That's enough for me! Darraxus wrote about people quitting groups after one wipe a few days ago(someday I'll figure out how to link things!). That was my pug experience this weekend. My first random on my shammy was HoR. I was happy to see that screen pop up for my random as I hadn't done it yet on shammy. Unfortunately I noticed I was a replacement dps. Bad sign. We wiped. Healer kicked. New healer came. We wiped. All dropped. Crap. Re-queue...HoR again...hmmmmm. New group...we wipe...tank is kicked. New tank. We wipe. All drop. Crap, this is becoming a pattern. Re-queue...HoR again. /facepalm. Happy ending. We one shot and I get some nice new gear. Anyway...good weekend overall. You?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shaman buffs?

So one of my favorite toons is my cow shammy (she doesn't mind when I call her that...really). I consider myself a relatively adept ele shaman (for 5 man heroics anyway!). I've never raided, but I'm sure I could. I went to EJ and looked up the things I should look up. Got the hit rating I should have. I try to gem and enchant relatively well anyway.
My point here is that I feel pretty knowledgeable about my toon. I'm pretty familiar with her spellbook. I have recently dual specced to resto. I enjoy healing. Stressful but fun. I'm currently working on improving in that department. I'm still afraid to do a random heroic but I have been pugging VH, nexus and UK. Things have gone well so far and I may even try some other instances this weekend. New to healing, but again...relatively familiar with the spellbook. So last night, the ret pally in my group (who came in late to replace a dc'd lock) started asking for buffs as soon as he got in to the group. Now I had a druid buff on me from previous instance. We had a priest so we had spirit and stamina. To be honest I wasn't really paying attention to his buffs because I was trying to heal. But he kept asking for buffs. "Can I get some buffs?" "So you're not gonna buff me?" "Hey dude, srsly buff me!"
After taking down first boss everyone is waiting on the steps and the pally says "hey shammy, can I get buffs??????" The dk tank says "lol" I say "what buffs do you want?" Um...does this go down under the moron/asshat/fool category? Or, is it possible that there is some buff other than earth shield that I could be casting on my fellow puggers? Have I been neglecting this? Or does this guy think I make him a special totem to suit his individual needs that he then gets to carry around for the duration of the dungeon?
And btw, he never did tell me which buffs he wanted!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Why blog?

So...unlike many WOW bloggers, I'm not all that great a player. I'm okay. I don't think I'll wind up on anybody's "fail PUG" posts. I'd love to be "leet". I'm pretty happy to do 3k in a 5man. I don't raid. I can't seem to get into "auctioneer". I doubt I'll ever hit the gold cap. I don't stand in fire. I have fallen off a few cliffs. I have been kicked once (bastards!). I have kicked a few.
I like to read theorycrafting stuff and pretend I understand it. I'd like someone to come and tell me what gems, enchants, gear and rotations I should be using for every toon. I have neither the time to research that nor the commitment. That being said, I love the game. It is a great stress reliever and escape for me. I often feel that I am in the minority and that everyone else has 5500 gearscores and raids every day and makes 5k gold while they're downing Saurfang. I suppose my intention here is to bring up some humorous situations, pose some questions, get some advice and for the most part get my daily dose of WOW while I'm in my office pretending to work!