Thursday, July 1, 2010


As of yesterday, everyone is dressed. Of course I got so used to seeing my tauren bankalt in his undies that I left him like that. Don't be startled if you're in TBluff and a half naked tauren runs past's just me! During this whole ordeal, I spent a little time playing an alt I have over on Terokkar. My orc shammy. Had a blast doing some pvp. Enhance shammies can kick some bg butt! That renewed my interest in PvP and I've been having a great time healing on my resto shammy. If you're a PvE healer and you're tired of the grind, go heal some battlegrounds. Every bg is different. Loads of fun and terribly under-appreciated! Battlegrounds can be awesome and painful one after another. Nothing sucks like getting owned. But nothing rocks like stomping the other team. I would enjoy bg's alot more if I could get the target off my back, but hey...such is the life of the healer!