Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spriest is 85

So I finally dinged the other day. I was a little concerned about viability in lvl 85 bg's but I am pleasantly surprised. I've done a handful of BG's. I only have a few pieces of crafted PVP gear but I managed to get away relatively unscathed and for the most part in the top 3-5 in damage. Even got a number two in SOTA. Of course that was probably because I actually attacked the tanks as one should. But hey, having fun. Anybody else spriesting in BG's?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shadow priests in battlegrounds.

So go ahead and accuse me of not reading patch notes. It's true, I don't. I'll figure it out as I go (thottbot, google, wowhead, etc.).But did something happen to spriests? I have always enjoyed battleground healing with my resto sham and Izabella took up well over 50% of my BG time. Other than that, warrior and DK never really caught my imagination. Enjoyed bg'ing with the hunter. Enjoyed bg'ing with the priest as disc. I tried spriesting in bg's a couple times in WOTLK but got sick of being thrashed. In fact, questing felt like running around completing tasks hoping I wouldn't get ganked. Gank a spriest anyone. Good times! Well, while leveling in Uldum (lvl 83 at the time), an 83 DK attempted to gank me. I did the usual, popped my shield, screamed, dotted him up, hit a mind blast and followed with mind flay and watched his health plummet.....what? The DK was dying! He was well below 15% health and he started to run. So what did I do? Followed him...mind spiked him twice and he was dead. Just like that. Did he suck? Maybe, but so do I. So I decided to sign up for a BG. And you know what happened? It was awesome. I was dealing death like Thanatos himself. DOT's here, mind spikes there, here a scream, there a horror....close to top in damage at the end. My god....are spriests viable in BG's?!?! For me anyway....yes. I have been having a blast in BG's with my spriest! Kicking butt pretty well I might add. So were spriests great for BG's before? DId I just suck and now doing it right? Or have spriests been fixed and they're now BG powerhouses?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random BG thought...

Is it my imagination or is "chain heal" the only healing spell that literally draws a line straight back to the healer so that enemy players can easily find them? Now don't get me wrong. I love my shammy. Hell, its hilarious to be able to hold off/occupy 2-3 enemy players because they just can't kill you! But, I'd really appreciate if one of my greatest battlefield spells wasn't a huge, brightly colored beam emanating from my fingertips and ricocheting all over the creation. Hell, I might as well have a sign glued to my helmet that says "target me!". Just sayin'...