Thursday, July 1, 2010


As of yesterday, everyone is dressed. Of course I got so used to seeing my tauren bankalt in his undies that I left him like that. Don't be startled if you're in TBluff and a half naked tauren runs past's just me! During this whole ordeal, I spent a little time playing an alt I have over on Terokkar. My orc shammy. Had a blast doing some pvp. Enhance shammies can kick some bg butt! That renewed my interest in PvP and I've been having a great time healing on my resto shammy. If you're a PvE healer and you're tired of the grind, go heal some battlegrounds. Every bg is different. Loads of fun and terribly under-appreciated! Battlegrounds can be awesome and painful one after another. Nothing sucks like getting owned. But nothing rocks like stomping the other team. I would enjoy bg's alot more if I could get the target off my back, but hey...such is the life of the healer!


  1. Unfortunately, the queue to get your stuff back is rather long because of all the hacking - and because people bug CSR's with stupid crap that takes up their time.

  2. God I hated the hacking ordeal when I went through, but it was way worse in Vanilla.

    By the way fix your blog roll, it's now

    One last thing...healers actually queue for BG's??? Really?? Must be new.

  3. Zel-at least they ley me know that it would be a week. And it was exactly that. There were a few problems (like green items with no "plus" but otherwise relatively painless. They hadn't hit the toons I had on other servers so I was still able to have some fun.
    Riv-Healing BG's is a blast! I love q'ing specifically as that! Now if I can teach these idiots to stay with me in WSG and not leave me alone at a node in AB or EOTS!!! I'll fix the blog roll! Thanks