Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekend is coming!

Addendum-Don't eat the gnomes you find near Gnomeregan. They taste awful.

So this weekend I'm planning on continuing my hunting ways. She has hit 40 and I really had a blast leveling the last few levels in BG's. I did some questing too, but alot of my xp for the last 3 levels was through BG's. I got the next level of riding, so it's nice to be a little faster. Not to mention her war chicken is very sexy!
One piece of advice I can offer to all new players, is, don't bother buying new gear as you move up. Save your money. I remember doing this with my first toon. As soon as I'd level I would be off to the AH to find out if there was some new item I could get. Leveling in PVE, upgrades are negligible. Of course I'm not saying you should be wearing your level 12 crap at 40, but just that quest rewards and maybe a few AH items should get you through no problem. Generally speaking, I may pick up a few items during each 10 levels. If I'm at 40 and still wearing a level 30 chest, I may check the AH. The truth is (in my world anyway) that those upgrades don't make a huge difference. Now, in PvP they do. If you plan to PvP, you should have some upgraded gear. I generally have travelled to the AH around level 17/27/37 for some upgrades. I usually don't PvP until then anyway.
Anywho. I finally got my LW cow at max skill and am making some decent money at that. I'd like to get artisan flying for her. PLan for the weekend is daily LFD for everyone, make some money and level that hunter. Time is limited, but I'd like to get 5 levels on the hunter before Monday. Fat chance, but I shall try! I'd also like to drop by my SAN toon and see what those monkeys are up to, but we'll see. My guild is setting up an ICC 10 on Saturday which I'd love to do but their raid times are like 2-3 pm my time. Not so great for a parent/husband/homeowner. Kinda peak responsibility time! Maybe I'll give wife my debit card and send her to the mall with the kids. I live on the edge! Anyway, hope all have a good weekend and get to work on those Haiku's for Monday!

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