Thursday, May 13, 2010

A shameful admission...

Yes, it's true I'm a huntard fan. I am enjoying the hell out of my hunter. I can take on 4 mobs, solo elites and destroy people in battle grounds. It's like being an enhance shammy (except for the destroying people in battle grounds part!). Actually when I was leveling as enhance, I kicked the crap out of people who tried to gank me. But my battleground survivability sucked at 80...or maybe it was my skills. But I digress. I am loving my hunter! I'm at 46 and starting to battleground in the 40-50 bracket. I prefer not to enter until 46 because I don't want to handicap my team too much! I do have 5 heirloom items, so that could be one reason for feeling powerful, but I must assume that people get upset at hunters because things are easier for them. Tank pet and fire away. Easy. Fun. Fast.
That being said, I still have alot to learn. In PvE and PvP. I have so many things I forget. Cooldowns, traps, tricks, etc....hopefully by 80 I'll be ready to get into one of your random heroics and get labeled a dumbass and put on your blog!
Making money is nice too! I had mentioned before that money is coming in quite well. My LW is bringing it in quite nicely, as is my cook. SP and AP foods sell quite well in stacks of 5! Food alone brings in 200-400 gold per day. I'm not all that much into making gold and I'm quite sure that I'm sucking at it quite powerfully, but for now I am happy with the amounts. I will have enough by the weekend to pay for artisan flying on 2 of my toons. Either that or I'll put it into an IGA (individual goblin account) and see what happens.
Depending on wait times, I'd like to level to 50 in battlegrounds alone. We'll see how that goes. Any suggestions for glyphs? I'm using the mark of the hunter and the ice trap one. Didn't seem to be any others that compelled me to purchase them! Yes, I could look it up but I'm a hopeless, useless social who relies upon others to help me. Must be one of those damn ape sub-routines.

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  1. Ahhhhhhh not the mark one! Its not very good at low lvls, really it depends what you are focusing on, but there are tons of sites out there for 'twink' brackets and I follow it a bit as I lvl... lol this is my second hunter.

    I think I am at lvl 60 now on #2... but so far for pvp disengage is one of the better, and ice trap can be helpful, just make sure you use your traps at every opertunity!

    GL! when searching google its best to try like 40-49 bracket hunter and sift through.

    If you want you can look at my lil hunter Kirababe I am using Surv for bgs... I started as marks to learn it because I have always like surv more so I play it but ummm i ended up swapping to Surv for pvp anyway.