Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hunters and Gold.

Yep, Thats pretty much been my focus in recent days. My poor warrior has fallen back into disuse. My shammy and spriest still get almost daily attention. My dk gets a little something a few times a week. Most of my time is going to the hunter. She's sitting just below level 40 now. I've risen a few levels just through battlegrounds. PvP is really fun with the hunter. Concussion shot is my best friend (that frickin' thing used to drive me crazy in PvP on other toons!!!). And ice traps! It's amazing how many people will stand and fight your pet. It's also amazing how many people will continue to follow you despite seeing you place something "invisible" on the ground. I have a ways to go in terms of skill, but it feels nice to see my name at the top of the list for damage! Often times I'm having enough fun just fighting that the outcome is secondary. I'm sure Gnomey would kill me with his little bare hands if he could. Which brings to mind this question. Female blood elf vs a gnome....hand to hand. Who wins? I say the belf.

I'd like to get back on my revolting little gnome and see how everyone in SAN is doing. It's been over a month since I logged on. With limited time and an inability to stay focused for very long, I'm afraid I have neglected that part of my WoW world. Anyway, hello to the three of you who read my senseless musings.

Did I say gold? Yes! I'm finally making some. I've struggled somewhat finding a way to make money. I'm not poor or anything, but training another artisan flying would wipe me out. I'd like to hit at least 10k gold at some point here! Then I'll get artisan flying for my cow. Borean leather has been so cheap lately that I've been buying it up like it was going out of style. I turn it to heavy leather and trade it for arctic furs to make the leg armors. I have a ton of frozen orbs from LFG. Leg armors usually sell for 160-170 gold. My spriest also makes up batches of the dragonfin and firecracker salmon dishes (AP and SP) for sale. 5 usually sell for an average of 45 gold and they're quite cheap to make. I haven't really found a niche for my enchanter or tailor (both leveled). My JC and inscriptionist aren't leveled yet. Either way, I'm making close to 600-800 gold per day with 10-20 minutes effort. Any suggestions here?!

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