Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ramble on

Yes, it's the title of an outstanding Led Zeppelin song. No, nothing about this post will relate in any way to Led Zeppelin. I'm just rambling....verbally. Or not really I'm actually typing....rambling thoughtfully? Not sure. Anyway.

Who watched "Lost" last night? I had the feeling after that episode that they had no idea where things were going and were just looking for filler content. It's not that I wasn't interested in the back story of Jacob and the man in black aka the smoke monster, but explaining where they came from created the same set of replacement questions. "okay, that's where Jacob came from, and the man in black is his brother, but where did the lady come from and who put her there and what is the light????". Answering a question and simultaneously creating more does not clarify things. Anyway, we shall see. It was fun to see how Jacob's brother became the smoke monster anyway!

Klepsacovic loves to respond to Gevlon's ridiculous ideas (don't get me wrong, I love reading Klep's responses!). In Gevlon's world, it is black and white and there is no inherent right or wrong so you do whatever works best for you regardless of the effects on others. Obviously wrong. Many examples in nature show animals working together for the betterment of the group. I still read Gevlon for laughs, but his thoughts are so inflexible and theories so fundamentally wrong at their core that they have little effect on me other than making me chuckle. I think in today's post Klep was saying that you can't tell a person's RL "self" by looking at their "in-game" self. True to some degree says I. However if someone is a racist, sexist asshole in game, I can assure you that they are that in RL. My understanding of Klep's comment is that he feels this way as well. A hardcore organized raider could be a total spaz in RL. A stand in the fire guy could be a brilliant astro-physicist. But again, if you're an ass in RL, you will be an ass in game and vice-versa.

Speaking of assholes, when did everybody get so F'n rude? Was I sleeping for a decade and woke up in a-hole land? Turning on your signal to change lanes is an invitation for the driver next to you to speed up and close that space you were hoping to move into. Apparently it's okay to spit wherever you want. Apparently just because one car is waiting with turn signal on, it doesn't mean you can't slide in and grab that space for yourself. Used to be that whoever was closest to the curl of the wave had the wave. Maybe a gentle "going left!" for the guy trying to take off ahead of you. Nowadays every asshole within paddling range takes off on the wave. All that seems to matter now is that I get mine and screw the rest of you. Sounds like a goblin world.

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