Friday, June 18, 2010

Elitist players are like Arizonans

Think about it. Elitist WoW players are upset that Blizz is dumbing things down so that everyone can enjoy the game. Changes that give everyone a taste but still only the elite few have the best. But those elite few still like to complain because they want to be special little snowflakes who can get the best gear because they are leet! Obviously economically, Blizz would like as many subscribers as possible, so they have to appeal to a wide market. They do that by making things accessible to all, but still some rewards that only the truly dedicated can get. Somehow, WoW elitists have forgotten that at some point they were noobs who had not idea what hit rating was and had no add-ons and bought overpriced water from the AH instead of the vendor. "Oh no!" they exclaim, "the difference is we learned our class!" We dedicated ourselves to maximizing our dps and hps and learned every boss fight there was. We mathmatically deduced what upgrades would be best and min/maxed everything....everything! Well....congratulations. That's very nice.
In Arizona people are squawking about immigrants. "Keep em out!" they yell. "They have to come in the right way". "They're just looking for handouts" or "they're all criminals". Arizonans are the elitists who have forgotten where they come from. As far as I know, unless you are Native American, your family immigrated. And with each wave of immigration people cursed and spat and looked down at the new wave. Then they pretend it's all about the legalities of it, forgetting that even up until the 1900's, immigration was simply getting here. You got to our shores and you were in. No complex processes. 99.9% of those new immigrants, legal or not want only one thing, a better life. They're not selling drugs, or raping white girls, or looking for handouts. They're busting their asses for a better life.
Now is comparing these two things ridiculous? Yes. I'm being totally facetious. All I'm saying is that people tend to forget where they come from and that at some point in history, they were the new kid on the block. Yep, there are some rotten apples, but give the benefit of the doubt, think about the other guy and relax a little.


  1. The comparison is a tad extreme, but entirely understandable and true.

    If you are talking about those morons yelling on trade, you are right. But they are no more than scrubs that think they are awesome. I play in a guild that is usually in the top #200 in the world when clearing newest content and even though I am currently on a raiding break I see these kind of guys coming and going in our ranks. They usually nerd rage and burn out real fast but most of the time they get kicked out for disrespectfull and plain dumb behaviour. No matter what they want you to believe or what their achievement say, they are the guy that :

    - I do not assign to any crucial tasks on a progression raid that could cause a wipe
    - I always yell to over Vent
    - I will NEVER use as main tank or healer.
    - Copies specs from Elitist Jerks
    - Gets banned from Elitist Jerks ( Just check the banhammer page for the infraction '' Do not beg for hand-holding '' These are the guys in full 264-271 that barely understand the class they play.

    The 'true elite' understands and respects growth, no matter how little. We think that a guy who understands that 0/0/71 is not a good way to roll and changes this has grown more than a guy who min-maxes to have a 150-200 dps/hps/tps increase.

  2. I feel ya...and I'm sure there are plenty of awesome, well-geared players who are not asshats, I'm just griping about the ones who are! Just a little bitch-session, pity party....wahhhh