Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gnome Olympics

So I’m thinking about starting some form of gnome olympics. The idea came to me as I destroyed one after another in a particularly lopsided Arathi Basin the other night. Did I mention that hunter PvP is a blast? It is. Battlegrounds with my ele shammy are awesome as well. There truly isn’t much better in life than blasting allies off the cliff at the Arathi lumber mill or into the twisted nether of EOTS. But back to my brilliant idea. I was thinking that we could come up with some sort of gnome olympics for Hordies to participate in. Gnome punting would be an obvious event. Gnome target practice, again obvious. What about other things? Like how many gnomes can you jump? You could stack them for vertical jumps and lay them down for long jumps. Gnome wrestling would be cool. Who can take on the most gnomes hand to hand. Could you see like 10 gnomes hanging off a big stinky tauren? A gnome eating contest? Gnome skating (this is where you strap gnomes to your feet and glide around on ice) would be fun. The possibilities are really endless. Any other suggestions? And btw for you gnome loving trees, “not having gnome olympics” is not a valid suggestion.


  1. gnome shot put? or discus?? Gnome water polo with a gnome as the ball???

  2. oooo....gnome water polo! That sounds good! I was also thinking gnome lifting. Hang gnomes from a weight bar and see how many you can put up.