Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Theme songs

I've seen other posts about songs that are appropriate for certain fights, but what I'm wondering is if anybody else has songs that stick in their head while they're playing. To be more precise, are there certain songs that stick in your head while you are doing a specific thing or in a specific area? Does you toon have a theme song? Like, Gnomer's theme song would be "Short People" or maybe even something cool like "Cold as Ice"....or if he's really cool...."Ice Ice Baby" (it occurs to me after writing this that Gnomey may be a fire mage...but I can't think of any fire type songs at this time, so please respec if you are fire). Keredria's theme song would be some kind of loving healy song like "We are the world", or "People who need people" or something sweet like that. Riv's theme song would be any metal or punk song..."Screaming for Vengeance" or anything by The Sex Pistols. The second I drop into Orgrimmar, "The Mob Rules" starts running through my head (come to think of it, that song plays in my head at the initial rush in AV!). I always hum "Working in a Coalmine" by Devo while in IF. Nothing specific in TB or UC though. I'm sure if Silvermoon had a theme song it would be by Erasure or something. I suspect Zelmaru and TinkerTank have some kind of together, lovey dovey song like "On the Wings of Love" or "Muskrat Love" as their them song but not sure. Marcko's theme song would be "Money" by Floyd ( uhh duhh...that was a gimme). Gevlon's? Probably "What the World Needs Now" or "You've got a friend". My theme song is one I wrote myself and It fits all of my toons. I call it "I'm a special snowflake and I'm awesome!".
By the way....just in case anyone was wondering, I'm mostly kidding about the song choices. Riv's and Gevlons are pretty damn close is Gnomey's.


  1. Heehee, I'm actually not the loving sweet healer type... more the irritable "gtfo out the bad" healer type... :p

  2. Ohhh great...just ruin my whole vision! How about "Love Stinks" or "Hurts so Good" then? THere's gotta be some emo depeche mode or smiths song that I'm not thinking of...