Thursday, June 24, 2010

I've joined the leet...

Yep it's true. I am truly elite now. I got hacked. Logged on to my account and their stood my banker wearing nothing but bikini underpants and his BOA shoulders. Actually a big tauren with wing shoulders and bikini underpants is pretty frickin funny. It took a second to realize what had happened. Hacked. Checked everyone. All naked except for items that couldn't be sold or disenchanted. My ork DK was standing there with only his upper half in armor. Reminded me of a scene from Excalibur. Anyone? Anyway, we're about 3 days out now. According to Blizz it should take about a week. Blech. As well, I'm no longer able to post or even use the feed reader. Apparently you can read a paper or a magazine on your break, but web browsing is the work of the devil. Not sure how this will affect my ability to post or read with any regularity. But, if the three of you notice that I haven't posted in you know why. Have a good day!


  1. Noes! Hope things get straightened out quickly!!

  2. Good luck getting everything back in order... sorry that it happened to you. :(

  3. Everyone is still naked. I suspect Canadian terrorists were actually behind the whole thing. If I see some hockey player skating around in my plate shoulders I'll know for sure... On the bright side, I've gotten all kinds of things done around the house!