Thursday, January 28, 2010

Awesome WoW day!

So I had an awesome WoW day. Got home from work. Had a beer. Made some dinner for my little monsters. Got them off to bed. Relaxed with the wife....and the minute she fell asleep it was off to Well maybe not the minute.....I did make sure she was completely asleep. So I started by checking my bank alt, and found my 2 enchants had sold...1k gold....good for me cuz I suck at making gold! Logged on to my spriest for my 2 frosts, got oculus...yuck! Nobody dropped! Done it a few times so it wasn't nearly as painful. Finished fast! Decided to queue for one more and got....yes, CoS! Why do I get that all the time! Once finished I logged onto my shammy. Switched to resto, healed VH, then healed nexus. Both good runs. I'm getting my healing down now and feeling more confident. Still have a ways to go but I think I may be ready to try and random it. hey, I can always drop if its an instance I don't feel okay about! So after that I switched back to ele for my 2 frosts and got? OCULUS!!!! Yep, it's true. Now I pretty well know the instance, not a problem. Got my extra extra badges, plus....(insert drum roll here) the reins of the blue drake! Very cool. Now I just need to pay for epic All in all a great day!

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