Friday, January 29, 2010

Healer Hissy Fit.

Yes...yes....I had one. It had to happen eventually. So far everyone has been great. Helpful, cooperative, understanding. So yeah, it had to happen. Zone into nexus, lock with a 13000 gearscore (slightly exaggerated) starts telling dk tank to pull everything, multiple groups. I ask them not to do that. Dk decides 7 mobs should be a manageable number. Of course our neighborhood lock who does 3k dps just passing gas takes all aggro and immediately dies. I heal through the rest. Nobody says anything to me but lock asks tank "what tank? You know how to play?" I rez lock, throw one LHW before I'm out o' mana, and start drinking. Tanks response to the lock is to decide to charge that damn dwarf general/sergeant/captain whathisshortness. I have about enough mana to cast one or two LHW's. Instead, I decide to drop group. I know...I wasn't cool. I really love the vision of them all going bye bye!

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