Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shaman buffs?

So one of my favorite toons is my cow shammy (she doesn't mind when I call her that...really). I consider myself a relatively adept ele shaman (for 5 man heroics anyway!). I've never raided, but I'm sure I could. I went to EJ and looked up the things I should look up. Got the hit rating I should have. I try to gem and enchant relatively well anyway.
My point here is that I feel pretty knowledgeable about my toon. I'm pretty familiar with her spellbook. I have recently dual specced to resto. I enjoy healing. Stressful but fun. I'm currently working on improving in that department. I'm still afraid to do a random heroic but I have been pugging VH, nexus and UK. Things have gone well so far and I may even try some other instances this weekend. New to healing, but again...relatively familiar with the spellbook. So last night, the ret pally in my group (who came in late to replace a dc'd lock) started asking for buffs as soon as he got in to the group. Now I had a druid buff on me from previous instance. We had a priest so we had spirit and stamina. To be honest I wasn't really paying attention to his buffs because I was trying to heal. But he kept asking for buffs. "Can I get some buffs?" "So you're not gonna buff me?" "Hey dude, srsly buff me!"
After taking down first boss everyone is waiting on the steps and the pally says "hey shammy, can I get buffs??????" The dk tank says "lol" I say "what buffs do you want?" Um...does this go down under the moron/asshat/fool category? Or, is it possible that there is some buff other than earth shield that I could be casting on my fellow puggers? Have I been neglecting this? Or does this guy think I make him a special totem to suit his individual needs that he then gets to carry around for the duration of the dungeon?
And btw, he never did tell me which buffs he wanted!

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