Saturday, January 30, 2010


So today's post is not WoW related but couldn't be passed up. I had a patient yesterday who after his physical asked me in a very concerned voice if he could ask me a question before he left. I said no problem and in an embarrased but very serious voice he told me that he was very concerned because as he was gaining weight and his abdomen getting larger, his "manhood" was simultaneously getting shorter. Oh really? I did not laugh. I did not snicker. I didn't even crack a smile. I looked at him and told him that it wasn't that he was getting shorter, its that he was getting to speak. That being said, I also had an office staff member who very honestly told everyone that when she was pregnant, she could tell which poops were hers and which poops were the baby' the size. ??? As if that wasn't enough, when I was in college working at Kinko's, I had a lady ask me to copy her resume on some nice paper. She then handed it to me and asked me to fax it to the number she had written on the cover sheet. I did. Handed her back her resume, cover sheet and confirmation sheet. In a very nasty, pissy voice she then started asking me why I didn't fax her resume. When I told her it had been faxed, she looked at me with the bitchiest, most know-it-all face and said "if you faxed it...why am I still holding it in my hand?!?!" It seriously took insane amounts of self control to explain to her that a fax machine doesnt transport the actual document magically to it's new location without making her look and feel like a complete idiot. And we wonder why there are 80's in blues and purples doing 600dps.


  1. That first story actually made me sad. I've known a couple of guys who have said the same thing. All this crap happens to your body when you gain weight, and half the time it doesn't even seem obvious that it's the weight gain that's causing it!

  2. Agreed. I suppose it just really floored me that he didn't realize why some things were shrinking as others were growing. On a lighter note he was very relieved when I told him it was totally reverseable!