Friday, January 22, 2010

Why blog?

So...unlike many WOW bloggers, I'm not all that great a player. I'm okay. I don't think I'll wind up on anybody's "fail PUG" posts. I'd love to be "leet". I'm pretty happy to do 3k in a 5man. I don't raid. I can't seem to get into "auctioneer". I doubt I'll ever hit the gold cap. I don't stand in fire. I have fallen off a few cliffs. I have been kicked once (bastards!). I have kicked a few.
I like to read theorycrafting stuff and pretend I understand it. I'd like someone to come and tell me what gems, enchants, gear and rotations I should be using for every toon. I have neither the time to research that nor the commitment. That being said, I love the game. It is a great stress reliever and escape for me. I often feel that I am in the minority and that everyone else has 5500 gearscores and raids every day and makes 5k gold while they're downing Saurfang. I suppose my intention here is to bring up some humorous situations, pose some questions, get some advice and for the most part get my daily dose of WOW while I'm in my office pretending to work!


  1. Gah, you feel that way too? I often think that every other blogger is this amaaaazing player in some super end-game raiding guild and I'm just... not. I'm a mediocre player, and I'm totally okay with that!

    Also, I have no idea how to make 5k gold except by doing dailies religiously >.<

  2. Hooray! Welcome to the craziness that is the WOW blogosphere!

    I'm a bit disturbed by your blog name... seriously I don't get this general animosity towards my cute little gnome friends. But I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from you! Just write what comes across your head, even if you think its boring or random or weird.

  3. @Miss Medicina-lol...thanks for the affirmation...don't be too quick to come into the shallow end of the mediocrity pool though....I was silly enough to think that leveling my toon to 80 would teach me all i need to know and make me an accomplished player..ha ha...hit rating? What's that?

    @Keredria-thanks for the welcome! Boring, random and weird is definitely me! I think I tend to be more of a voyeur (so to speak) than an exhibitionist (again, so to speak) so blogginf may be an interesting experiment. And don't worry, I've never actually eaten a gnome. Although, they do look quite tasty. Especially the little pink pig-tailed ones!

  4. Hi! Just wanted to welcome you to blogging (and mention that you're off to a better start than I was. My discpline is...lacking some weeks =) ), and reiterate that you're not alone.

    Also, I never understood why people hated gnomes so much. I loved them (even if only my banker alt was one)until about 2 weeks ago when some random pug on vent kept referring to "hot chick" on vent and insisted that she HAD to be the arms warrior gnome on vent because she sounded like like what he expected a gnome to sound like.

    1. I'm a priest, and he would have known that if he actually, you know, listened to what I was saying.
    2. I do not have pink hair.
    3. Ok, it was a little funny when my (male) friend who plays said gnome warrior got tells MUCH later that night asking personal questions.

    Anywho, HI!

  5. @ Eda,
    Thanks for the welcome! I think the love/hate gnomes thing is just something youre born with. I can't stand blood elves either (but I cant eat them cuz theyre on my team....for now)! Maybe its a horde! Anywoo, thanks again!