Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Healing. Love it and hate it. Seems like most healers really love it. I really do enjoy it, particularly when it goes well. I am still very new. I have barely healed on my priest yet. I'm grabbing gear now. Truthfully I am adequately geared for healing now, but I'd prefer to wait for better gear. I have a decent set for my shammy and have healed AN, VH, Nex and CoS. Had one wipe on CoS when tank ran too far ahead. Shammy healing is a little tougher since i only have one instant (unless you count ES). Priest healing seems like it will be easier since you're so mobile and you have several instants. I suppose as a shammy I could just spam chain (and I have done that during boss fight to be honest), but it doesn't seem as fun. Right now I am mostly riptide and lhw (and am glyphed for that). Seems like the best way to go for 5 mans. The hitch is that I feel so nervous when I heal. I haven't gone random yet because I'm afraid I'll get an instance I can't handle. As a healer in real life, I hate disappointing my patients! Same goes for WoW. How do you get over that feeling? Strange. A game where I don't even know anyone, nor will I likely run with them again.....but it makes me nervous.


  1. I understand how you feel, because I really hate being new. This is why I never run battlegrounds! There's nothing more frustrating than hearing people say "OMG L2PLAY"... but not give any advice on HOW to actually do that!

    It helps to jump in a group with a guildmate or friend, especially if they have a healer spec or alt. Hopefully they can give you encouragement!

    Also, from my experience, if I jump in a pug, and the tank says first thing "Look, I'm new, so I may be a bit slow, please just bear with me" I'm a lot more patient and understanding - and I will stick up for him/her no matter what, because at least he or she is trying to learn. I think if you get into a pug, and you just let people know right from the start that you are new and learning, they will be more helpful than you might think!

  2. @ Miss Medicina

    Appreciated :) Strangely I love battlegrounds and really love healing battlegrounds. I think that's what got me started on healing. Right now I'm just selecting specific dungeons until I really establish that muscle memory. Probably being too cautious but hey....it's my monthly fee right? Thanks again for the advice. I think if I hit a dungeon I don't feel great about or worried about I will try the group disclaimer.

  3. I think most new healers feel this way. I know I did. It took me a while to get over feeling like any failure was the healer's fault. But you do... and you will too.

    I made what I called the healing guilt meter a while back:

  4. @ Keredria....just looked at the post...lol! I'm definitely still on the left! Thanks for the encouragement. I shall keep on keepin on...