Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday wow haiku (aka couldnt think of anything else...)

Lava burst erupts.

Upon my enemy's face.

My cow has killed you.

Anyway....a good wow weekend. Got the healing chest piece from the triumph badge vendor at the argent tournament grounds. Had about 6 enhancement pieces from various instances so I decided to respec on a whim just to check it out. Halfass gearing, not hit capped, 4 spellpower pieces (trinkets, head, one ring) and I still did 2500 dps on the dummy. I suppose if I truly wanted to boost my dps I'd go enhance. The truth is I have 2 other melee toons and I kind of enjoy being able to stand back and fry stuff. I can do 3900dps on the dummy with my current gear which I'm working on improving. That's enough for me! Darraxus wrote about people quitting groups after one wipe a few days ago(someday I'll figure out how to link things!). That was my pug experience this weekend. My first random on my shammy was HoR. I was happy to see that screen pop up for my random as I hadn't done it yet on shammy. Unfortunately I noticed I was a replacement dps. Bad sign. We wiped. Healer kicked. New healer came. We wiped. All dropped. Crap. Re-queue...HoR again...hmmmmm. New group...we wipe...tank is kicked. New tank. We wipe. All drop. Crap, this is becoming a pattern. Re-queue...HoR again. /facepalm. Happy ending. We one shot and I get some nice new gear. Anyway...good weekend overall. You?

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