Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fail guild, fail PUG.

I had the pleasure of running with a group of apparently 12 year old boys today. H CoS with a group from the guild "Paste Eaters" from Arthas. I should have known by the guild name that I'd be dealing with retards. So, to deathspartan, lajon, beztroski and gimped....F you (to put it nicely).
Uneventful run. Everyone doing their part. Nobody under 2500 dps. Get to the infinite corruptor. Plenty of time. He goes down. Drake comes up. Myself and one other roll need. I win. He "sighs" and one of his fellow retards says he should have mentioned something and they all would have rolled on it to improve his chances. One second later, on the way to malganis, I am kicked. Apparently that is my punishment for winning a random roll. Very cool. TYVM guys. So I don't get my final badge nor do I get my 2 frost badges. Very cool. Again....paste eaters from guys are wankers. Ah well....the local school's special ed. program called and they're missing some kids.....time to queue up again.

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