Thursday, March 11, 2010

The evil gnome

Yes folks, Imyummy has progressed to level 12...a few squares from 13. Impressive.
He is becoming a true bringer of death to the trogs and kobolds and spiders and bears (and occasional pigs) that inhabit the area around that dwarf town (what ever it's called!). Due to the vast array of spells and techniques(he he), I think I'll do a level 10-15 guide instead of 10-20. I actually have a few gold in my wallet due to someone buying my overpriced greens on the AH. My herb gathering and alchemy skills are both around 50-60. First aid I got to journeyman. Cooking...not so sure. I think I'm nearing 50. Anyway, some funny things.
I had my first RP experience (which truthfully wasn't all that RP....phew!). A higher level (72 I think?) player was farming in the area I was questing, but being from a PvP realm, I was oblivious to her since she wasn't an enemy. Then over gen chat someone says "Oh little mage! Where is the little mage I saw over by the tunnel rats?". So obviously this is RP right? I have no idea how I'm supposed to respond! Do I whisper? Do I gen chat? Do I say things like "thou" and "forsooth"? I have no idea! So I just answered her via whisper. Turns out she had found a number of items, including some green cloth items and wanted to give them to me. Wow. On my server, that wouldn't happen (or at least it never has!). I happily accepted the items. Our chat stayed pretty normal. I tried to speak casually but not so that it would seem out of character for an RP realm. Knowing I had bagspace issues, this player even went so far as to mail me 4 10 space bags from an alt tailor of hers. Wow! Maybe RP'ers are just nicer like that. Not sure.
Another cool thing. I got my first whisper from someone who admitted to reading my blog and /gasp enjoying it! Considering I have nothing helpful, deep or thought provoking to say, I was very, very stoked! Out of curiosity I travelled over to her blog and really enjoyed it! Some hilarious tales of fail! Anyway, can't wait to hit 15 so I can start using the LFG tool. Maybe even run with the new guildies.

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