Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whiny Wednesday?

Where the hell have I been? There's a whiny Wednesday? Damn...guess I better get on the ball.
People who spit on the street/sidewalk bug the crap out of me. Get a little frickin class. Nothing is worse than seeing someone hawk up a big loogie and let it fly right where I'm going to be walking. Or, out of their car window without any concern about where said loogie may be landing. It could be a Western thing, not sure. I live in a culturally diverse city and the behavior is definitely common among some Asian and Pacific Islander groups. Not that it excuses anything, but I'm trying to be culturally sensitive here. My mom would have slapped my head backwards if I did that around her. I think I actually bitched about people being generally rude before and truly, this is the pinnacle of rudeness and classless behavior. And yes, I saw someone spit out of their car window before I got to work today. I just looked at her and said "nice", and kept driving. Disgusting. Okay, all done. On a related note, that's probably why the /spit in WoW bugs me so much. I wish they'd get rid of that emote.


  1. Thoroughly agree with you! Spitting is the worst! Well closely followed by ingame /lick - ugh!

    Love your blog - even if you eat gnomes! :P

  2. Ha ha, thanks! And I'm glad you agree! Now, does that mean you support out of game licks? I do have to sheepishly admit that I have ingame /licked people before, but in my defense that was on my cow and my undead.