Friday, March 5, 2010

A new point of view.

Starting a new toon(s) on Argent Dawn for the guild has been tons o' fun. While I'm still feeling slightly pained inside, playing an alliance toon is giving me a brand new experience. As yet I have only played my dk, but seeing the number of new toons makes me want to get my evil little gnome mage (Imyummy) going. I think running instances with this group is going to be a blast. Dueling Missmedicina in Goldshire is a definite highlight. My knees are still bruised and I think she may have bitten one of my tentacles.... Dwarves have sharp little teeth and may in fact need to be added to the munching list (thats a list of critters...gnomes in particular...that should be munched). I have nothing of any remote value to say today other than the last few days have been a blast. If you haven't come by, you should. And btw I find 2 other fellow islanders in the guild. Small world!

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