Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Thought Monday.

No…there’s no actual random thought Monday, at least not that I know of.

Haiku Monday was pretty good, but hard to keep up with if you’re not all that creative. I have discovered a gnome poet by the gname of Gnomoichi Gnakamura. His stuff is pretty good (despite coming from a gnome) so I may have to post some of his work for your enjoyment later.

So…on to the random thoughts.

1. Female belfs are hot….duh….news flash. Is it okay that when I play my female belf hunter I have the camera closer than with my other toons? Oh yeah....
2. I have a beautiful cow shammy….but I find it strange that unless they’re Kuwaiti players, the only males who “flirt” with her are Taurens. I mean you’re still assuming I’m a chick in irl.
3. Female belfs again….their eyebrows are just a tad too long. If I was to date one, I’d probably ask her to trim those.
4. My troll stretches periodically. I’m guessing it’s because his back is sore from his horrible posture. Can’t he just stand up straight? The trollettes do.
5. Sorry, but even after all this….I still don’t get RP.
6. Mel Gibson may be a misogynistic, anti-semite bastard, but if he makes a viking movie…I am going.
7. Gnomes are small so that when you dry them, they fit nicely into a backpack.
8. Speaking of bags….did you ever wonder how much of an idiot you must look like walking around with 5 20 slot bags? I mean you’re running around fighting stuff while carrying 3 sets of armor, an ice-pitted blade, a bunch of cloth, some boar tusks, a bunch of meat and drink, some random animal claws and teeth, ichor of various types, a spider leg, a rubicund scale, a stack of leather, a mining pick, assorted gems, some weapon you picked up off the last boss, a hat, a recipe, some flasks, a scroll, some rough stone and fish bones. Seriously…how is that even possible?
9. Why does your pet/companion/minion always take the slow way? If I jump down the stairs, dog, you damn well better jump with me!
10. Darwin would have freaked out in Azeroth because the same damn creatures live on all the continents….even outland.

Well, those aren’t all of the useless thoughts that take up my day, but just a taste. While the questions may not have answers, nor are answers expected…if you have any input, I’d love to hear it.


  1. I would love a real great viking movie, lately they haven't cutting it. Were Viking starved I swear.

  2. So true my friend...sad, but true. Wish I was a director myself! I do have a soft spot for the 13th warrior...not the best, but recently....not bad.

  3. I do have a soft spot for 13th warrior as well. Also Vikings with Kirk Douglas, Great movie. Heck I modeled my life after it.

    Need moar Vikings!!!!!