Monday, March 29, 2010

Off-topic rant

It's interesting how so many people can be thinking along the same line. I didn't have any idea what I'd write about today. I've barely played since Wednesday of last week. Big Bear and Eda both talked about the power of words with Bear specifically commenting on racism. Which leads me to my rant.
I am married to a gorgeous woman who is a textbook example of how beautiful people of mixed ethnicity can be. My wife is Half Japanese and half African-American. Quite a stunning combination. My two daughters as you may imagine are a spectacular combination of Swedish, German, English, Japanese and African-American. They are breathtaking. Literally. Not just being a proud Daddy. When we go out people stop me constantly to tell me how gorgeous my girls are. Ladies, men, elderly, kids, 20 and 30-somethings, everyone. It never ceases to amaze me.
We have always embraced all of our ancestors. We love talking about all of the different lands that our distant relatives come from. We speak about our ethnic history with pride. Unfortunately, many people in out world are not proud, or respectful. They feel that people of certain ethnicities are below them, or inferior for the simple fact that they are different. I found out this weekend that my older daughter is catching crap from some kids in school for being of African-American heritage. Comments about stealing, or guns are thrown her way. When discussing "to Kill a Mockingbird" (which they are reading right now) certain words and comments are purposefully directed at her or accentuated. While kids have not specifically called her the "n"word, she says she hears kids using it around her intentionally so she'll hear. These are not friends of hers nor are they in the majority. It's a few punks (who ironically are non-caucasian minorities!?!?!) who don't have a clue how powerful that word is.
It makes me so incredibly angry, like frothing at the mouth angry, that people would do that to my child. It also makes me so angry and sad that people still continue this crap generally. I am so saddened every time I see some jack-ass kid on WoW use racist slurs or just racist/predjudiced crap of any sort. My mom would have smacked me so hard it would have inverted my skull if she heard me saying that kind of crap. Of course I was raised so it wasn't even an issue so she never had to worry about it. Thanks to Bear for calling out the jack-ass he partied with who threw that filthy word around like it was nothing. Not much will move me to violence anymore, but if I actually hear you use that word in my presence...particularly around my family, I am going to beat you.
Anyway, rant done. I think most understand that racism is total bullshit. It's weak and cowardly. It is fed by ignorance and nastiness. I suppose I am shocked how often I see racist crap on WoW. It makes me wonder sometimes if it really is a minority who feel that way. I had so little exposure to racism growing up that it still shocks me to witness it. I can feel my blood boil, even seeing something in trade chat. Thanks to all those who don't stand for that kind of crap. Sorry for the rant...just been bugging me for the last few days!!!!


  1. I would be interested to hear you contrast the racist slurs you hear in WoW with your own comments about gnomes.

  2. Interesting thought. One could certainly try to compare WoW to real life and possibly draw parallels between IRL and WoW. I think in a static WoW based story, even more so. However since the beasties we're talking about are pixelated and imaginary it doesn't even cross my mind. I can say gnomes stink without guilt because they don't exist. Or at least I don't think they do! Interesting point though, and probably much more applicable to those that RP. But I still hate gnomes!