Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mage project 10-15

Yes...yes, I know. You've all been waiting on the edge of your seats for my level 10-15 mage leveling guide. I wish I was a little more familiar with the map and quest areas, but my personal experience has been that quests are a little better layed out in horde areas, or at least Durotar, Barrens, etc. I had to rely to some extent on just grinding to level, a technique I do not love.
So anyway, level 10. As I said before you get frost nova and frost armor 2. Continue to keep frost armor and arcane intelligence up on yourself. And don't forget to create food and water before you start questing. Frost nova is a great spell for mob control. But be cautious. If you cast frost nova and non aggresive mobs are around, they will be caught as well, and they will not be happy! My technique, which is probably the same for eveyone else is to cast a frostbolt, follow with fireballs until mob does or gets up to you. If the mob gets within eating range, I frost nova him, move back and cast again. Remember that your fireblast spell is instant so as the mob will not be stuck forever, this may be a good time to use it. Frost nova is also a good way to stick 2 mobs. Polish off one while the other is stuck then repeat the process. Again, be careful that neutral mobs are not in range when you frost nova because they will not be all that fond of you. Polymorph is also a great way to control more than one mob. Don't forget that the mobs health will climb quickly while sheeped and any damage including DoT's or that caused by a frost nova will break the spell!
At 12, you'll get an upgraded level 3 fireball, and at 14 an upgraded fireblast and frostbolt. At 14 you'll also get arcane blast. A great aoe spell that can be helpful with mobs that "run away in fear". It's a nice way to give them some fast, insta-damage so they don't go running off and aggro other mobs. Again, just like frost nova, any mobs in range, including non-aggressive ones, will be affected and not happy with you.
I'm not sure how crucial talents really are at this point, but as fireball is my primary spell (does good damage for less mana), I put my points into improved fireball to reduce the cast time. This allows me to throw out enough damage to generally down a mob before they reach me.
That's about it for me now. Remember that I know little about WoW and even less about mages, so take this all with a grain of salt. I think in the 15-20 guide I'll include some mage blogs that are excellent sources of valuable maging info. Until then, I'll see you in-game!

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