Thursday, March 18, 2010

Too bad....See ya Cranky.

RP is a strange animal. I don't understand it. It doesn't particularly interest me, so I play on non-RP realms. Easy. No problems. Well, now that I'm in the SAN guild on an RP server has it become a problem? Nope, not at all. I still don't RP and honestly nobody has tried to initiate RP with me. RP away. Have a ball. Doesn't bother me or interfere with me in any way. You want to PvP, raid, run heroics, be an AH's your 15 bucks. As long as you don't interfere with my fun, I'm okay. That being said, I don't understand the whole RP thing. Do you create a backstory before hand? Is it planned out like professional wrestling? Or do you wing it and see what happens? The latter makes more sense to me and that's how I assumed it would work. As such, when I read Cranky's post about messing around with the bad RP'ers I didn't give it a second thought. RP'ers are pretending it is real, so what if someone really did show up and turn things on their head, as in vice squad or unpaid minstrel, etc. To me, and as I said I'm not an RP'er, these seemed like amusing ideas. Throw a curve ball and see what people do. How do they respond. Roll with it, play along, what? I sincerely think Cranky's post was good natured and in fun. There was no malicious intent. She wasn't trying to hurt or belittle anyone. She was trying to have some fun. Had she known that RP'ers would be offended, I seriously doubt she would have suggested anything like that. It really doesn't seem that far fetched to RP with the RP'ers. What it comes down to is a lack of understanding. This is a simple fix. "Hey. I understand how that would seem like a hilarious idea, but to be honest, we RP'ers take RP very seriously and I think alot of us would be offended by that." Wow....that was easy. To scold someone publicly on a much larger forum....not cool. The first mistake came out of ignorance....the second was intentional. If the intent was really to teach, it should have been handled differently. A response in the comment section of Cranky's post followed by new post on your own blog discussing RP and how others not familiar with RP should behave would have been far more appropriate. No pointing fingers, no scolding, no names. Yeah,'s a public forum..we can all say whatever we want and if you post publically you have to be ready for people to say bad things, hurtful things, negative things. I suppose I just expect better of people.


  1. Just pointing out I agree with you here, totally and completely.

    I don't think Cranky would ever willingly upset someone and for Anna to take against her so furiously is an absolute disgrace.


  2. Anna is just a bully, and I don't like that one bit....I speak for the trees. In this case druid trees. LOL!

  3. Honestly, I thought it was an entertaining idea as well...a lot of us are new to the RP thing and, since SAN is a guild filled with warped senses of humor (mine for example!) I completely saw the humor in it. Very true that a simple lesson in RP rules would have been taken to heart had Anna opted to say something privately to SAN members instead of bashing us on the her blog.

  4. @SophieRach-Yep! There are so many who seem to feel anna was in the right truly surprises and upsets me.
    @Riv-Doesn't matter how many times she tries to rationalize, the bully proof is right there on her blog!
    @Lark-I agree. Seemed funny. Would have been so much easier to discreetly let Cranky know that RP'ers don't have a sense of humor....oops, I mean that RP'ers would be offended by that.