Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sticks and Stones

Gevlon wrote an interesting post today referring to the whole CrankyHealer debacle. I've already voiced my displeasure at the the way anna chose to "take on" Cranky. I don't think I can state things any more clearly. Anna=wrong. Rather than repeating what I've already said, I'd like to address Gevlon's supposition that words can't physically harm you so why let them. He states that because we are thinking beings, intelligent humans, words should not be able to hurt us. It is not rational that a idea can cause you pain. If there is no physical pain, then there is no harm..right? I say, it is the fact that we are intelligent, thinking beings that makes words just as painful as a punch. Human beings are intelligent, social animals that care about each other and how they are perceived. I can sit there calling my dog horrible names and she won't be the least bit hurt because she can't understand the meaning of my words. She may understand the tone of my voice if I were upset, but not the words themselves. Humans on the other hand (assuming they speak the same language) can understand those words. Words can make us happy just as well as they can make us sad. Your wife tells you she is leaving you. Those are just words, therefore you shouldn't be hurt. Your father tells you he's proud of you. Just words, shouldn't mean a thing. Words convey feelings, emotions, thoughts. It is precisely the fact that we are thinking, intelligent beings that gives words the power that they have. People have a responsibility to recognize the power of words, particularly those that have the ability to influence many. Unfortunately, those people often fail to see or care that what they've said is hurtful or inappropriate.


  1. People only have the power over us that we give them. This is something I struggle with on a weekly basis... We have 25 raid spots and 30 signups... and I inevitably get QQ and people get mad and vent their feelings on me because they didn't go this week.

    Some weeks I'm upset, some weeks I'm determined to not give them that power over me.

    This whole thing has served as a reminder to try and keep things in perspective/

  2. I agree with you. I simply disagree with Gevlon's idea that words can't hurt. They absolutely can. How you react and what you do about it is up to you.