Thursday, April 1, 2010

Balancing act

Not sure why, but seems that lately I haven't been able to log onto WoW as often as I'd like. I haven't had much time to write either. It doesn't seem that things are a whole lot busier, it's just that my time is tight enough that small changes/additions result in lost time.

So how do people do it? I don't think I'm ahead of the curve in having 4 80's and a few other toons at various levels. It seems that is a pretty normal number from what I can tell. I have been having alot of trouble getting anything done though. It seems I had previously been able to get dailies done for everybody, a little AH time on the bank alt and done. But lately, not the case.

How do you juggle your WoW time? Are you an equal opportunity player? Do you play mostly one toon and get on the others when the mood strikes? I try to get dailies done for everybody. I feel like I'm losing badges if I don't!

My normal procedure is to log onto my shammy, queue as heals and run one heroic. Then log onto spriest and run one heroic as dps. Get on DK and run one heroic as dps and finish off on warrior and tank one random heroic. This usually can be finished in an hour. Assuming I remembered to mail all my phat lewts to my bank alt, I then log onto him and do my boring AH duties.

On weekends when there's a little more time, I'll generally choose one or two toons to focus on, farming, professions, instances, etc.

I think the potential solution is to quit my job and sell my wife and children to the gypsies...although I'm still looking into the legalities of that.