Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An alarming new trend.

It has come to my attention (through certain unnamed sources), that some members of the alliance have actually begun to eat certain Horde races. Yes. You did not read this incorrectly. The alliance has begun to consume their Horde foes. Now I'm not saying all alliance members are doing this, and I cant be sure that all alliance races/factions are participating. I can however tell you with no doubt, certain gnomes have eaten Hordies. Tauren, orcs, undead (gross!), trolls and blood elves (not so bad, most Hordies have at least thought about it), all have been on the menu. Now, we all know that gnomes are delicious. There is no debating that. But crunching gnome bones and enjoying a mouthwatering dorf eyeball is absolutely Horde territory. We expect that. We're Horde for Pete's sake (Pete was Thrall's lesser known brother...infamous for enjoying juicy gnomekabobs). If these reports are true and munching on Hordies is any more that a rare isolated incident, then we should all be very concerned. This crossover foe-munching could signal a break down in our socio-economic strata that has up till now maintained things the way they are. What's next? Trolls and night elves living together. Tauren and dwarf couples? Gnomes and orcs hanging out at work together? I shudder to think of the possibilities.


  1. Ohhh come on!

    How could you resist a Forsaken rib?

    The meat falls off them like perfectly overcooked ribs from your local take away... and the Horde deliver right to the door!

  2. As a spacegoat, I will admit to indulging in the occasional flanksteak or burger. Caster Tauren generally taste better than melee, as their meat isn't all tough & gristley.

    Hey, it doesn't help when Hordie members group themselves into guild called "USDA Chice Beef" and such. That's practically putting themselves on the barbie.