Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Something about me.

Wugan over at Flow, has a great picture on his blog, and it got me thinking. Being that many bloggers share a little something about themselves irl, I figured I should do the same. I grew up on the West Coast, Solana Beach CA to be exact so surfing was/is a huge part of my life. I now live on a lovely Pacific island so I get to continue my passion. Anyway, I have this picture on my wall in my office and I love looking at it. It is truly beautiful. Perfect. Just figured I'd share the love! For those of you in the snow, look at the pic and imagine a warmer place!


  1. I actually like snow, and cold climes...SO NEah :P

  2. @highlatencylife-I love cold weather too. Actually what I love is a change. California was great. You could ski and surf the same day. By the end of summer here, I am sick of hot. By that same token, at the end of winter (when I lived in Michigan) i was sick of cold. Suppose the grass is usually greener!