Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random pug healing...finally.

Yeah, so I finally did it. Yesterday I signed up for healing heroic VH. Easy. Just wanted to get the fingers going. Then I sucked it up and entered the queue for a a healer....yikes. So hilarious that I was actually! Anyway, I did breathe a sigh of relief as the screen for UK came up. Zoned in and I asked the tank to go semi easy as I was a new healer. He said no problem. Then again there aren't any really big pulls there. Most of the pulls were 5 or 6 mobs. Pretty easy. I'm glyphed with water mastery, LHW and RT. For the most part I just keep my earth shield up on the tank, RT(+85 sp per, stacks x3 for 15 sec.) and LHW as needed. Of course I use chain heal quite a bit too, particularly if I have a melee heavy group that is taking alot of aoe damage. I wish the cooldown on RT was shorter. Do the other healing classes HoT's have that long a cooldown (6 secs I think)? Anyway, now I'm wondering if the glyph of chain heal is a better deal. It seems the glyph of LHW only benefits the tank (+20% heal when earth shielded...i think?). Any wide aoe, it would certainly be nice to have a 4th target for CH, but then again that's assuming all are within range of the bounces. Any shammies care to add? So the UK run went fine. No deaths. Easy instance though. Queued up again and got HoS. Made me a little nervous as this instance has a layout that allows for big pulls. Again asked tank to "tank it easy". He said no problem and pulled the entire instance in 3 pulls instead of 2.....Things went okay though. No wipes, several deaths. Lots af aggro running around. Tank couldn't hold very well. 3 melee so lots of damage to heal. I was majorly lagging as well. All things considered I thought it went quite well. Suppose I'll hit random again today and see how things go. Fingers crossed!


  1. Heya Eversor!

    On my shaman, I prefer to use the Glyph of Chain Heal over the lesser healing wave one. Most tanks I run with, even in pugs, don't need the extra healing that they would get by using LHW while they have ES.

    The bounce range of chain heal is surprisingly not so much an issue in 5 mans (it's worse in raids sometimes since people instinctively stand apart and the rooms are typically larger). With the exception of those pretty well spread out group pulls in the beginning of Forge of Souls, I usually find that chain heal will reach all 4 targets in the confined spaces of Northrend Dungeons =)

  2. @Eda- thanks for the input! Are you also using the riptide glyph? I'm going to replace my lhw glyph with chainheal and see how that goes.

  3. I don't use riptide currently, though I'm not sure why I don't. Unfortunately, my shaman was the alt I was least careful putting together.

    I'm feeling a revamp coming along....