Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Protocols and SOP's....yuck

Well, I've avoided work for about as long as I can now. This morning I am happily writing up protocols for tuberculin skin testing/reading/reporting within the various departments that I work with. Wow! Is that exciting. Today is my administrative day where I don't have patients but get to catch up on all the paperwork I don't have time for when I see 40 ppl a day on all the other days! Of course I only get one 4 hour block of administrative time (not the whole day!). And of course I'm using that time to catch up on WoW blogs! Ha ha! Being that it was Valentine's day and a long weekend, I actually didn't get all that much WoW time. Most of my computer time this weekend was spent editing last summers family vacation photos/videos into a DVD. How did I get roped into being the video guy? My brother is the tech nerd, not me! Anyway, as I have little to say (of any importance anyway!) I will guide you to some funny/interesting blogs this morning. Keredria had a funny post today with a play on Dante's Inferno. Gevlon provided my daily "huh?" as I'm afraid I didn't really catch the meaning/significance of his post. However drop by, read it and prove that you are smarter than I. I suspect I had the same look on my face reading his blog today that I had for most of my econ, accounting and stats classes in college! Now I have nothing else for you unless you'd like to discuss CDC recommendations for reading TB skin test results in an occupational health setting for at risk and not at risk employees. No? You sure? You can read over my new protocol and standing order? Really? Okay...let me know if you change your mind!

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