Monday, February 8, 2010

The scoop on my oculus complaint.

So, 3 people in the world...oh wait, 4 (me!) wait, 5! I forgot the GM....zertfizzle or whatever his name is. So, somewhere between 4 and 6 people in the world are aware that I have been stiffed 2x...2x!!!!! in oculus when there was no bribe bag for me in the trunk! I wrote a mini-rant last week and Jenn (clearly a person of extreme genius) recommended I open a ticket. And open it I did! It was hilarious. I simply wrote up a report that twice now at the end, when collecting loots, there was no extra bag for me. Essentially there were only 4 in the trunk. I mentioned that this had happened to another pugger in a previous group as well. I asked if they'd heard it before and was there anything I could do to avoid it in the future....other than not run oc. The first response was classic. It was basically "Thanks you for your information you provided us re: that thing you wrote about. We shall keep it on file. If you have any questions please let us know. If you have no other questions, please click message read." Huh??? In other words, your very important issue will now be filed and placed in the giant storeroom where we're keeping the Ark of the Covenant. TYVM....
So of couse I had to write back. "Um yeah....I have a question still....huh? You didn't even remotely address my concern. I'm not expecting free stuff, but at the very least, say you have no idea why it happened, you're working on it and as soon as you have some idea how to avoid it again you'll contact me. Otherwise, I'll just d/c everytime I get oc." So next letter I get is some tongue in cheek response about retrieving my bonus bag from a goblin the the Barrens. Nothing about the issue itself, but at least I got one of my bags. Has nobody had this happen yet? I must be special :)

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