Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Newb tanking

Okay, so the tanking experiment is going well. Thanks to some good info from Darraxus , I've had some decent experiences so far. I have only tanked VH a few times and nexus twice so we'll see what happens with more difficult content. Charge in when I can. Thunderclap, shockwave, devastate, revenge, SS. Switching targets, Thunderclap again when it was up. All in all it went pretty well. It certainly requires more situational awareness as you must keep an eye on others, particularly your healer. Some problems I was running into were in highly geared groups, there may be some trouble building aggro as they are usually not willing to wait the 3-5 seconds for me to grab the mobs attention and the mobs die so fast they are for the most part doing little damage to me leading to almost no rage build-up. My feeling is that if the group is that well geared, then my ability to effectively tank is really irrelevant particularly in the easier heroics. If this whole tanking thing doesn't work out I may go ahead and start writing lengthy articles about the social ills of saying "ding" and "grats" or alternatively linking anal in trade chat all day. Either way it's a win:win for me.

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