Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lunchtime H VH...yeah!

Okay, so I live 5 minutes away from my office so I always go home for lunch. Wallet stays fatter and stomach stays skinnier! Anyway, I ate and decided to log onto my shammy and heal a quick instance. I selected Violet Hold since it can easily be finished in 15 minutes. Second to last portal before cyanigosa, we get the group of dragons who come from one of the upper portals and split into two groups. Tank was a little late getting up there so he allowed them to split and waited for them by the entrance/exit tier. The fury warrior decides he's not patient enough to wait and begins tanking one of the mobs. He dies. I'm unable to rez before next wave. We finish of last portal keeper. I try to rez again but boss combat begins before I can. Now in all this time, he could have so easily run back. Right? In fact his only comment was "guess I'll just lie here and watch". Wtf? Is that your only option with VH? I mean the GY is perty darn close. Once we down cyanigosa, I mention that he could have run back. One group member comments that he couldn't have because the door is locked. Another group member comments that we should have kicked him. Now I have absolutely died in VH, run back, talked to the lady in front of the locked door, and teleported back in. Right??? I mean like even up till last week. So once instance is over, he is still lying there dead. And asking me to rez him. I let him know that I was busy skinning. Seriously? I think Gevlon commented on this some time ago. This is not real life. No effort will be expended running back. Are you seriously so frickin lazy that you can't pretend run your pretend character from the pretend GY back to the pretend instance? Well, then I shall pretend I don't see your dead body lying there....ha!

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