Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random acts of WoWness...

So it seems (to some degree anyway) that most of the complaining about douchebaggery and asshattery had declined in the last week or two. Have the douchebags and asshats given up? Hardly. I suspect that along with the cross-server LFG tool, people were just shocked by the sheer number of d-bags. They're still there, we just aren't surprised by it anymore. Some would say "it's my monthly fee, I'll act however I want", or "it's just a game" or "whaddayougonnadoaboutit?".
I think it has little to do with the fact that it's an anonymous video game. The truth is we run into this kind of behavior irl all the time! Many days I think there are more d-bags than not in the world. Is it really hard to hold a door for someone? Does it really take alot out of your day to let another driver merge into your lane? Is it a major inconvenience to pick up your trash? Maybe I just wasn't aware of it when I was younger, but it just seems this selfish and downright rude behavior has permeated our everyday lives!
My solution. My proposal. I decide, in all aspects of life (videogame, irl, whatever) who gets to continue. Doesn't matter whether you've paid or not. I will henceforth be the GM in life and will decide who will be banned (permanent or temporarily). So, of course the current problem I'm having is how to actually implement this. I mean logistically it's no small thing to make yourself the overall GM of the world (not to mention how to do the bans!). I am working through some kinks now, technical and legal (apparently you can't just perma-ban people from life!?!?!). So if you have any suggestions (I believe Darraxus favors the simple uppercut), please let me know.


  1. I am in favor of this concept. From here on out, I salute you as my In Real Life GM.

    That means all the responsibilities are yours. Srsly, the litter box needs cleaning. Get to it. I'll sit over here and look pretty, mmmk?

    So as a side story, I have always believed that the internet douchebaggery is not internet only. I used to use online dating sites (that's where I met my fiance) and my mom was horrified... "Honey, you'll meet all those weirdos!"

    News flash mom. I'm surrounded by weirdos. The weirdos on the internet are just a small, but representative sample, or all the weirdos in the world. Now, would you prefer for me to meet them face to face in a bar, or to screen them via the internet?

  2. Thank you for your support. As far as the litter box problem goes, please submit a ticket and I'll get back to you. And I agree with you....We are surrounded by weirdos (myself excluded from that as I am perfectly normal...).