Friday, February 5, 2010

Oculus....what? Again?

Yes....just a very quick rant. Oculus is by no means hard. I suppose if you have difficulty with the flying/3D aspect I can understand. Not a problem for me. I get excited when I see the loading screen come up. I'm going to get another 2 badges, some gems for my jc and the chance at a cool flying mount (which I got on my shammy!). But twice now I have not been able to loot the bag from the chest at the end. There just isn't one for me. I see everyone else with their bonus gems and badges....just not me... :( Anyone else having this problem? Bribes don't work all that well when the briber doesn't follow through!


  1. You only get the gems if you randomly get Occulus, not if you queue for it. Other than that, I would open a ticket and demand my gems! :o)

  2. On my server you have to dismount on the platform the box is on in order to get the bag. You leave without landing/dismounting no bag.


    all that matters is that they were able to bribe you into staying to the end and not bailing on your fellow puggers!

  4. @Jenn-these were definitely randoms! Does anyone voluntarily enter oculus? And I will demand my gems....dammit!
    @Brierley-I was dismounted. Don't know if it has anything to do with it but one time I was first and one time I was last. Karma fro being greedy and karma for being slow?
    @Miss Medicina- I know right!!!