Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New talents for Cataclysm.

I'm not able to read most WoW forums, websites, etc, due to filters, so this topic may be out and covered already. But, as it is my blog and I'm mostly talking to myself anyway, I shall post it. 5 new talent points for cataclysm. What will they do? Will it just add to the talent tree we already have or will new talents be added? Or, will old talents be modified? I've thought alot about what I'd really like to see. While I haven't given the dk and warrior alot of thought, I'd love to see some kind of new spell for my spriest...some kind of shadow bolt sorta thing....priesty death fire or something. Right now it's pretty much dot's, mind blast, SW:D and mind flay, lather, rinse, repeat. I want to shoot some kind of fireball or death bolt or holy missile of doom! For my ele/resto shammy I'd love to see something more instant for damage. Shock spells aren't really used other than to place the dot and make lava burst crit. The lightning and lava spells are pretty long casts so often mobs are dead before my second spell hits. I know, I know...we're a hybrid class....not pure dps, damage should be less. Why? I want more! Don't get me wrong, I usually do 3.5-4k dps in a 5 man (and I'm only moderately geared), which I'm happy with....I just hate the cast time. Maybe decreased with new talent points...i dunno. For my resto spec I'd love to see a decrease in the riptide cooldown. It's a great spell and I'd love to share it with more of my party, as druids and priests do! I'd also like to see something changed with chain heal (cast time, or some kind of additional aoe effect?). I love that spell, but it either hits melee or ranged...rarely both. Could there be some kind of aoe or party wide cast? Or some other instant added to help keep up those that CH didn't hit? Anyway...what would you like to see as far as talents/spells for cataclysm?

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