Friday, February 12, 2010

The smell of WoW...

So it is possible that I am just an idiot (but I don't think so cuz my mom always told me how special I was), but does anybody else wonder what WoW smells like? I know, I know...totally random. But it's a good question. What does WoW smell like?

Tauren-If you've ever been near a herd of bison or elk, you know. I suspect that's what tauren smell like. Which also leads me to believe that Thunderbluff must smell really, really bad.

Orcs-No idea. They must smell awful. But it can't be your garden variety human body odor.

Trolls-Not sure either. Weed maybe? They're all natural-like so it can't be all that bad.

Undead-Well they're frickin dead, so they must smell awful!

Blood elves-Perfume and flowers (the females too)

Alliance (all of them)-I only play horde, so I have no idea. I suspect they smell like fear, urine (from wetting themselves) and zit cream. (Except for gnomes...they smell just like chicken)

Stinkiest zone- My guess, Zangarmarsh....or Duskwallow.
Best smelling zone- Ashenvale (but I still hate it!)
Worst smelling city-Sorry Horde, but Orgrimmar must smell awful. Then again, Undercity must totally reek! Thunder Bluff probably has a good cross breeze, otherwise it would be at least in the top two. I'll have to get back to you on this one.
Best smelling city-Silvermoon (night elves look a little stinkier than belfs).

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