Thursday, February 18, 2010

Priest Healing

So the priestly healing effort went much better yesterday. I tried to use bubbles and renews on party members to keep them up/topped off. For light party wide damage, PoM and CoH worked well. Keeping tank up is no problem. Last time it was the boss encounter damage (party wide) that I couldn't seem to keep up with. My problem was that the spells I was using weren't getting people back up fast enough. With Eda's advice, I kept my stacks of serendipity up and used PoH instead to bring party back up after heavy aoe damage. I suppose as a holy priest running 5 mans, its a little damage mitigation (bubbles and renews on the group members who seem to be damage magnets) combined with some whack-a-mole healing (grid/clique). Right now I'm using the PW:S glyph, FH glyph and PoH glyph. I'm at about 21k mana and 511 mana regen and what I notice is that it feels as if my mana is going fast. It's not uncommon for me to get below 50% and even close to 25% mana. Granted, I'm only in about 1/2 healing gear (still haven't completed full set). I may be used to healing with my shammy, where my mana rarely drops below 80%, but is this normal? I feel like I need to drink relatively often. I'm assuming this will improve as I get more spirit with my healing gear. Or is this normal for priest healing? I admit to being paranoid about running OOM!


  1. Sounds like you might be shielding a bit too much for a holy priest. The bubble is very mana expensive for a holy priest, and not very useful. You should not be using it often enough to really get much use out of the glyph, as a point of reference.

    I would suggest swapping your PW:S Glyph with the Guardian Spirit glyph. This will allow you to pop GS much more often - use it to increase your healing output, and pop that on the damage magnets instead of power word shield (GS is about 1/4 the mana of bubble). PW:S also doesn't proc any of your mana regen talents, like other choices might, such as PoM or renew (assuming you have empowered renew).

    Serendipity is awesome, but don't feel like you need to blow a PoH or Greater Heal everytime you have 3 stacks of serendipity... or you will run out of mana very quickly!! I learned that the hard way XD

  2. I agree with Miss Medicina. Bubbling can help in a pinch, but shouldn't be relied upon when you're a holy priest =)

    And prayer of healing will run you out of mana pretty quickly if you're using it all the time, though it can be really helpful in situations where the group is too spread out for circle of healing =)

    Once you get more healing gear (and spirt, nomnomnom) you should find your mana issues to be resolved though.

  3. I'll have to really analyze how often I'm bubbling. To be honest I haven't paid much attention to mana cost. When playing with my shammy it's such a non-issue that I cast without regard to mana vs healing. For the most part I just bubble the tank at the start of an encounter along with a renew and a PoM. I do notice that if I see a precipitous drop in any of the dps I do throw a shield on them. Paranoia. As far as PoH, I really only use it at most once per boss when there is wide and heavy damage. I do throw renews around alot particularly when I notice you've grabbed aggro (I do have empowered renew ). I literally haven't healed with my priest since RFC...ha ha feel free to chuckle now! I have much work to go. I think I need to be a little more mindful of my mana and instead of completing my shadow set I should get a couple more holy pieces. Much work to do...ty for comments.