Monday, February 15, 2010

Priest vs. Shaman healing

So my healing experiment continues. As I've said, I have healed quite a bit with my shammy now. I've done quite a few heroics and feel pretty comfortable. For the most part, with earthshield, riptide and an occasional LHW, the tank is quite easy to top off. Riptide has a longer cooldown than I'd like, but it works well to top of individual damage and chain heal is great for group wide damage. Range, casting speed (including the fact that there is only one instant heal) can be an issue but it forces you to be aware of where your group is. Generally one CH followed by 1-2 LHW's for those that were missed by CH works great. Yesterday I decided to try out my holy priest. Granted he is only in about half healing gear, but I found priest healing much harder. There could be several factors here. I chose VH as my trial grounds. DPS was very underwhelming with top being around 2100, lowest 1100. However, this is not PoS or HoR. It's VH, and that should be enough. We got Xevozz as second boss and tank was having a hard time kiting him around. We had alot of those spheres and the squishier DPS were not moving well and I couldn't keep them up. It was taking too long to burn him down and group wiped twice. It could have been a combination of these things, but I just felt underpowered and awkward. For the tank, things were easy, PW:S, PoM and rolling renews. With heavy group wide damage however I was at a loss. I'd have a PoM going around at all times. CoH just didn't feel like it was doing it. Plus, with the longer cooldown I was having to use FH to top people off. With the fast and furious damage that comes in during Xevozz I just couldn't keep people up. The group was getting too spread out for HN to be of any use although maybe the extra dps could have helped. TBH I forgot about guardian spirit and that could have helped too. I'll find out today!


  1. Hi there!
    I don't heal on my shaman as often, but I think there might be some things I can offer for your priestly woes.
    1. If you've cast three flash heals and recognize that your party is low, don't worry about CoH and use prayer of healing instead. It will have a much shorter cast time because the three flash heals would have maxed out your serendipity stacks (which, by the way, is a must have talent for a holy priest in my opinion), and will heal the entire party, rather than who ever happens to be in range of CoH.
    2. CoH has a very short range. If you only cast it off the tank, it will only hit him and any melee. Sometimes, if your ranged dps is spread out, it will only hit the ranged dps you cast it on!
    3. Do you take Empowered Renew in your spec? It will give you an instance heal that can proc a free flash heal from the Surge of Light talent =)
    and 4. Use renew often, especially in encounters that require a lot of movement and staying spread out.

    I hope these suggestions help =)

  2. @Eda,
    Thanks for the advice. I think one of the problems I ran into was too many choices. PoH definitely would have been a better choice with the serendipity. I think I did take the empowered renew talent, but i dual specced some time ago so honestly don't remember! I shall give it another try later today and follow your advice. Thanks again!

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