Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunamis are like patches....only worse, and more dangerous.

So I'm sitting here waiting for the tsunami. It's expected to hit around 11:19. Before the tsunami hits, people tend to think of all the ways it's going to inconvenience our day. My daughter had an end of season beach party for her tennis team. That will obviously be postponed (imagine if a bunch of teenage girls were suddenly sucked out to sea. Justin Bieber would be ruined. If you know who that is, you have a teenage girl at are a teenage girl.....or you need a serious talk about what's cool and what's not!!!). I'm supposed to go downtown to my office and open it up for the cleaning crew to do the floors. Not in a flood zone, but I have no idea whether the workers will show. Pretty much everyone goes into a holding pattern. It can last for several hours after the initial wave. Of course we only look at it as an inconvenience because the thought of it hitting and the damage that could be done is too abstract. I think we tend to not see the potential seriousness of things until they come and bite us on the ass. Sirens just went off and they're starting coastline evacuations. If the waves do hit with any force, the loss of life should be minimal if not absent. Property damage is another thing! We'll see how that goes. I'll keep ya posted! /holds breath.

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