Friday, February 19, 2010

Clique/Grid vs. Healbot

Much has been written about which healing add-on is the best. Truthfully I don't know that one could be objectively proven better than the other. I don't think it's a stretch to say that it comes down to personal preference. I personally use grid and clique. I found the basic functions of both to be very easy. Grid gives me a simple, clean unit frame that shows all that I need it to show. With a little work it can be modified to fit your tastes. Clique is a very simple way to bind spells to mouse/key clicks.
Healbot is an add-on that I am not at all familiar with. I have never used it. I've heard people sing it's praises many times however. So many times in fact that I decided I should check it out. I have a 42 druid that I have never healed with. I decided to download healbot and check it out. I have only just started so have little to report as yet. I expect that after this weekend I should be able to give an informed report as to the the plusses and minuses of both. I can say this now. I often hear that healbot is much better/easier out of the box. To be honest I found the setup and initial use to be no easier and no better than clique/grid. Both took about the same amount of time and effort to get it set up as a useable healing add-on. Anyway, if I'm feeling adventurous I'll even try healbot on my shammy. Might be a better experiment anyway to try both on a healer I am comfortable with.
Any suggestions or pre-experiment thoughts/advice?

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  1. Keeva at treebarkjacket did a great post a while back comparing Grid to Healbot. And now I'm gonna have to type in the whole address because zomg, the comment window won't let me paste!