Thursday, April 29, 2010


So I've never leveled fishing on a toon. In fact I've never even learned it. Apparently I would have been at the gold cap on all of my toons by now had I been a know what I mean. Anywho, as I logged into WoW last night to try and level my hunter, I realized I wasn't going to get much done. It's very difficult to focus on quests while I'm trying to pretend to listen to my wife. You see, the trick is that you have to listen enough to know when to say "mhmmm" or "yeah" or something timely like that. Feigning interest can be very difficult. Many times I've been caught by the "are you listening to me?"...."yes"...."what did I just say?" thing. Even after 18 years together I still get caught every now and then. I'm good, but everyone gets caught every now and then...everyone!

So anyway, how to I play WoW and pay fake attention to my wife? Can't quest. Instances are definitely out. Fishing! I'll learn fishing! I'm sitting here at Shadowprey Village anyway. I'll learn fishing! I can level while I listen (sort of) and I'll be at the gold cap by the weekend. Anyway, by the time I got the 25 fish achievement, I hadn't caught a single fish. Not one. Some weeds, and string, and driftwood and cloth. Not one fish. But I got the achieve anyway. Then on to 50. Got that achieve too. I think by that time I may have caught one sickly fish, but literally that's it. Funny. Bought the next level training and pretty soon hit 100 fish. Got the achieve again, but most certainly had not caught 100 fish. People talk about welfare epics and handing badges out like crazy. You should try fishing. I caught a bunch of crap. Maybe about 20 fish total. Leveled to 130. Got 6 total achieves I think.

So I suppose I need to move to another more advanced body of water to continue leveling, as around 120, I stopped gaining a level with every piece of crap I snagged. We shall see. And before everyone starts griping, I'm mostly kidding. I don't mix WoW and family. Not only is it virtually impossible, but it's not fair to my toons. They deserve my complete attention. So, once I've fed my children uncooked pasta with ketchup packets over it, I'll get back to it.

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