Thursday, April 8, 2010

Priest changes for Cataclysm....half yawn...

My initial thoughts on the priest changes? I’m still out. I don’t really heal much on my priest. I have a pretty decent set of mostly ilevel 232 gear, some 245. I just never really got into the groove. Healing with the shammy was different. I enjoyed it. Not so much with the priest. Most likely due primarily to comfort. Just didn’t spend enough time actually healing instances to get with the program. That being said, I love dps as a spriest. It’s fun!

Okay, so the proposed changes (focus on spriests here…). As many have noted, these aren’t written in stone. I’ll wait to really decide when it actually happens.

Heal-The new go-to spell for priest. More heal than lesser and less heal than greater. Yawn…okay.

Mind Spike-I’ve been dreaming of another spell that will give me some quick damage without having to get all my DoT’s and mind flays going. Half the time, mobs are dead before I can get anything done. Apparently this should do about the same damage as mind flay and provide a debuff which will increase damage of subsequent mind spikes.
Sounds good to me!

Inner Will- An option to Inner Fire. This will provide a movement speed increase as well as a mana cost reduction for instant spells. The priest will have to decide which self buff is most advantageous. I don’t foresee using this all that often, but okay.

Leap of Faith (life grip)- this can pull dumb people out of harms way. So now, I not only have to heal and dispel, but I would also have to grab people who can’t control their aggro or are not able to see where they are standing. No thanks. But, might be fun to screw with people (assuming you can use it on a friendly target whenever you like!).

Other Changes:

HoT’s and DoT’s will benefit from haste and crit innately. Sounds good to me.

Divine Spirit and Prayer of Spirit removed. Okay, one less thing to have to worry about.

Change to Shadow Word:Death…as long as it still kills things…okay by me.

Improve shadow for short fights. Amen!

Changes to passive damage boosters and hit modifiers.

Orbiting shadow balls of death. Yeah...okay.

Anyway, we’ll really have to wait to see how this all pans out. Nothing seems horrible here (like getting rid of cleanse spirit and cleansing totem!!!!!). Nothing seems awesome either, but I am excited to see Mind Spike. We shall see….yes we shall.

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