Monday, April 26, 2010

Haiku Monday

In recent posts I have introduced you to the poignant poetry of a lesser gnown gnome gnamed Gnomoichi Gnakamura. I have decided to introduce you to some other equally brilliant minds. Today, for your pleasure....I would like to introduce you to a rare talent, Mrrglburlgl the Murloc. Of course I am sharing the piece in Nerglish. Translated to our tongue, the meter will be lost, as well as some of the feeling, but in it's native tongue, it is a thing of beauty.


Fish good
Me like eat fishy eyes
gnomes tasty too

As I said, there is something lost in the translation other than the mechanics of the poetry form.
That being said, one still feels the longing this Murloc feels. The depth of his desires are apparent for all to see and share. A rare talent and a beautiful piece. Don't you agree?