Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday thoughts-screwing shaman world-wide

Getting rid of my cleasing totem?!?! No way! I love my cleasing totem! Getting rid of my cure disease and poison?!?! What the hell kind of nature loving shaman can't cure a frickin disease or abolish poison? Anyway...whatever. That is stupid...and yucky...and junk. Make mana cost higher. Makes sense. No problem. But the other changes suck.

On a totally different not....Facebook. When I started my page I decided that if anyone that I "friended" were to post, or advocate, or condone anything I found offensive, I would "unfriend" them. I'm not unfriending them personally. I'm just removing them from my facebook. If I allow someone to remain on my friend list and they have nazi propaganda on their page, I am condoning and indirectly supporting their crap. Am I right? A very dear friend of mine, who has been a friend for most of my life is also a drama whore. She also loves to say offensive things. Inflammatory things. Racially divisive things. Things I don't agree with. By leaving her on my friends list, I am condoning those thoughts. I am leaving those negative, offensive things up for all my other friends to see. As if I'm saying "hey, take a look at this".

Getting rid of my cleansing totem?!?!? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Okay, not ever...but it's pretty damn stupid.

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