Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shaman changes.

While nothing is written in stone, some of the potential changes for shaman sound very interesting. Others I am not so excited about.

Unleash Weapon sounds pretty cool. Some additional damage for flametongue, and healing for earthliving. The thought of some kind of "wind weapon" flying out of my weps for the windfury spell almost makes me want to switch to enhancement...almost.

Healing wave....jury is out on that one. I suppose having another healing spell in our small but awesome arsenal couldn't be a bad thing.

Healing rain- this sounds cool. An AoE HoT...sounds like fun. Can't wait to see how it works.

Spiritwalker's grace-Anything that allows a shaman to move and cast sounds great to me! I suppose a shorter cooldown would be too much to ask wouldn't it?

The totem changes...bad and good. Making ToW the goto fire totem for all is cool. Simplifying things is usually a good thing. Allowing ele shamans to get that SP bonus from any fire totem....awesome. SP boost plus a damage totem....nice. Getting rid of my cleansing totem? Sucks.

Losing my cleanse disease and poison and gaining the dispel magic? Not so great. Yes I'm crying about it because it sucks. Cleanse spirit is a great spell. I don't see dispel magic as an even trade. Of course who the hell said things needed to be even, right? It just seems stupid, lore-wise, that a shaman can't cure poisons or diseases....a shaman...a frickin witchdoctor....whatever.

I haven't had the chance to look at the warrior, DK and spriest changes yet. Hopefully there will be some nice additions. We'll see.

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