Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nothing specific

I'm not sure if Wednesday has a theme. Wasn't there a whiny Wednesday? Anyway, guess I'll do a rambling Wednesday post. Do you say "wed-nes-day" as you spell it out or is it just me?

I got a random oculus the other day. Somebody wanted to do the achievement (think you kill final boss without red or green drakes???). The all-powerful dungeon guide/tank said "No, our dps isn't geared enough". Does the bronze dragon's power scale with the players gear? I thought not. Nobody else said "wtf" so I just continued on. I was on bronze anyway and have the achieve on that toon already.

Do you think the Horde has immigration laws? Doubt it. Alliance, for sure. They're conservative republicans. That little human kid king guy is their version of "W".
I can see the human soldiers walking around Stormwind asking gnomes and draenei for the proof of citizenship. "Oh crap officer! I left it on my nether ray!". "A likely story you blue space goat bastard! Now turn around and put your hands on the wall!".

I got an anonymous response on my racism rant. Someone wondered how my irl views related to my shoddy treatment of gnomes in the game. An interesting thought. We could certainly draw parallels between irl and the basic WoW storyline. But, can we actually be racist (or gnomist) by mistreating an imaginary being. Does my gnome-munching suggest that I may be equally evil to beings that inhabit planet Earth? I don't think so. Mistreating imaginary critters in game has no relevance to real life. I shoot snakes and squirrels and rabbits in the game all the time. But I can't stand hunting (now go out and hunt bears and such with just a knife or spear and we'll talk). Discuss.

We have several examples of cross species mating in WoW. Ogres and orcs come to mind.
What pairings would you like to see? Draenei and gnome? Tauren and troll? Hunter and pet? Ewwww. (Reminds me of the joke where the guy moves to a deserted island. The resident hermit who he is trading places with for a year tells him to fulfill his urges with one of the many sheep on the island. The man is disgusted. As the year wears on and his loneliness increases, he finally can't hold back. Just as he is putting the moves on a sheep, the old hermit comes walking over a hill to let him know his year is up. "Oh disgusting!" exclaims the hermit. "What?!?!" says the man. "You told me to do this!!!" "I know!" says the hermit, "but you picked the ugliest frickin sheep on the island!")

And with that...I bid you adieu.

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